Radel Miraj Plus

Radel Miraj Plus

Brand: Radel

Digital Tanpura, Traditional Instruments

TK 10500

CODE: Miraj Plus


The Radel Saarang Miraj Plus digital tanpura sounds so close to a traditional tanpura, that professional Indian classical musicians and teachers have overwhelmingly pronounced it to be the ultimate digital tanpura.

The Miraj Plus digital tanpura can be used as a 4 / 5 / 6-string tanpura. It has a range of more than an octave. Standard pitch settings, with ultra fine-tuning to intermediate levels is provided.

Other features are:
  Tempo control to vary the speed of plucking Tone control to vary the bass-treble balance
  Pluck control to vary the softness or firmness of pluck
  Sustain control for varying the sustenance of strings
  Pancham/ madhyam/ nishad/ only shadj selection
  Nishad fine-tuning
  Option of using 4/5/6 strings
  Positioning of 5th and 6th strings befor or after pancham
  Fine-tuning of 5th and 6th string
  Auto-save plus 10 individual settings of pitch, tempo, pluck and sustain can be stored and recalled.
  A convenient LCD panel displays all selections


Weight: Approx.1kg
Warranty: 1 Year Service warranty
Made In/Country of Origin: Made In India

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