Manoj sitar

Manoj sitar

Brand: Melody&co

Sitar, Traditional Instruments

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The Monoj Kumar Sardar Vilayat Khani sitar is also the perfect choice for demanding musicians with little money who look for affordable high-end quality and do not need the low bass octave of the Ravi Shankar style. Last but not least it is also interesting for people who are fed up with the extensive decoration of most modern sitars, because it has clear lines and tasteful, reduced ornamentation. The sound of the Monoj Kumar vilayat khani sitars is slender, compact and rich with good sustain and a great dynamic range. This idea of sound has become generally accepted in India  when microphones and amplifiers became common on concert stages. The slightly thicker sound board (tabli) which is particularly important for this kind of sound, however, initially also dims the sound somewhat, requiring a longer break in time before its tone begins to fully unfold

Stained medium brown toon wood, mirror-finished shellac surfaces, 6 playing strings (tonal range of three octaves, no bass octave), 7 playing pegs, 12 to 13 sympathetic strings, inlay work of celluloid and mother of pearl imitation, plain base of neck, plastic bridges, no upper sound box. The sympathetic strings are guided into the neck at an obtuse angle over tear-proof mini-bridges, reducing the tendency of the strings to break.

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