Focusrite scarlett 18i6 1st Gen

Focusrite scarlett 18i6 1st Gen

Brand: Focusrite

USB Sound-Card, Software & Recording

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Despite the change of livery, to red, the Scarlett 18i6 looks very much like similar Saffire interfaces, but as well as the replacement of Firewire with USB, this model offers I/O options that are unique amongst the two interface ranges.

As the name implies, the 18i6 has a total of 18 audio inputs and six audio outputs. Eight of the inputs are analogue, six being line level. The other two offer the option of mic, line or hi-impedance formats. Phantom power is available on the two mic channels, and is switchable globally. The remainder of the inputs are digital, comprising an eight-channel ADAT port and stereo S/PDIF connector. The six outputs are presented as a pair of analogue jacks, a stereo headphone jack, and a stereo S/PDIF connector — there's no ADAT output. Unlike some competing small interfaces, the 18i6 also includes 16 channels of MIDI I/O on standard MIDI five-pin DIN connectors. This configuration should make the interface a good starting point for the serious home studio owner.

The ADAT and S/PDIF ports mean that you can easily expand the interface at a later date with more I/O. (Given the lack of ADAT output, though, you'll only really benefit from expanding the system with more recording inputs — hooking up a few outboard compressors isn't going to be on the cards.) The supplied software should also increase the Scarlett's appeal: Focusrite's Xcite bundle (which features Ableton Live and the Novation Bass Station soft synth) and their Scarlett plug-in bundle are included. so there's everything you need to get up and running quickly.

The A-D and D-A converters can operate at up to 24-bit word lengths and sample rates up to 96kHz, and both have a healthy A-weighted dynamic range: 110dB for the A-D and 106dB for the D-A. The mic preamp spec is impressive, given the price of this interface — but there's detailed info on the Focusrite web site, so I won't dwell on that here.

Warranty: 3 years official warranty
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