Digitech RP 360 Xp

Digitech RP 360 Xp

Brand: Digitech

Guitar processor, Pedals & Pedal Boards

Call for Price

CODE: RP 360 Xp


Digitech have a long-standing reputation as a quality brand when it comes to multi-effects units, and it’s rare that such reputations are baseless.

Their RP360XP is their intermediate model, and it’s an impressive piece of kit. The number of features they have managed to cram into this little box is insane! Seriously, if they put a set of wings on this, I’m sure it would fly!

It’s going to be tough to cover everything the RP360XP offers, but I’ll certainly do my best to highlight the key features, in terms of parts, construction, tones and playability.

Core Features and Specs

Without even looking at the features contained on this multi-effect unit, we can see that it’s made from a metal casing.

This is predominantly what brings such a processor out of beginner level products, and into intermediate. The materials and craftsmanship required for a metal casing will be greater than that of plastic.

Number of effects85
Number of amp simulators55 amps; 27 cabs
PowerMains only; power supply included
Loop length40 seconds
User-created effects storage99 spaces

Made In/Country of Origin:

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