Crown CDi 4000 1200W 2-channel 70V Power Amplifier

Crown CDi 4000 1200W 2-channel 70V Power Amplifier

Brand: Crown

Power Amplifier, Amplifiers & Monitor


CODE: Crown CDi 4000


An Excellent Amp for Installations and Mobile Rigs!

Crown's CDi 4000 power amplifier is ideal for churches, auditoriums, and any other venue with constantly changing needs. In addition to a respectable 1,200-watt/channel output, the CDi 4000 makes setting up in different environments or for different speaker configurations easy. Onboard DSP, including crossover configuration, EQ filters, delay, and limiting provide flexibility during setup, and 20 user locations allow instant recall of your common settings. The CDi 4000 handles output voltages ranging from 70V-140V and for loads from 2-16 ohms, depending on the speaker configuration. At Sweetwater, we've found the CDi 4000 to be a great amp for mobile PA systems, thanks to its lightweight design.

Crown CDi 4000 Features:

  • Accurate, uncolored sound with very low distortion
  • 1,200W/channel at 4 ohms and 3,200W at 4 ohms in bridged mono
  • 2U rack spaces tall and weighs under 25 lbs.
  • Intuitive front-panel LCD screen for quick, easy configuration
  • Extremely versatile — rated for 2-, 4-, 8-ohm loads and 70V and 140V outputs
  • Barrier strip outputs for lo-Z or 70V, 100V, or 140V loads
  • Removable Phoenix-style inputs
  • Switch-mode universal power supply
  • Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay, and output limiting
  • Up to 20 user-defined DSP presets are available
  • 2-8 ohms in 2-channel mode, 4-16 ohms in bridged mono (safe with all types of loads)
  • 3-year no-fault fully transferable warranty
  • Advanced protection circuitry guards against shorted outputs, open circuits, DC, mismatched loads, general overheating, high-frequency overloads, and internal faults

Warranty: 1 year Service Warranty
Made In/Country of Origin: Made in Usa

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