BSS AR-133 Active DI Box

BSS AR-133 Active DI Box

Brand: DBX

Pre Amp, Vocal & Microphone

TK 8500



Product Details

The AR-133 is a single channel DI box with high input impedance, 1/4" jack input and parallel link outputs to feed backline amps. Though it’s a favorite among high profile touring professionals, the AR-133 is priced to be affordable for all musicians, studios and PA companies. The rugged aluminum extrusion case’s unique arch design lets you run cables back underneath the unit for neat cable management. The AR-133 uses an enhanced version of the same audio path as the AR-116, regarded by many as an industry standard. The sound quality is legendary, particularly on acoustic and bass guitars. The AR-133 includes phantom power and battery supplies. Should the phantom power from the console fail or accidentally switch off, the AR-133 automatically switches over to the internal 9V battery, providing uninterrupted use. Numerous applications can be satisfied by the AR-133. For example, as well as the traditional guitar use, the AR-133 can be used with keyboards, DJ mixers, link outputs, and other electronic sources. The AR-133 can also be used as an active balancing device.

Warranty: 1 year Service Warranty
Made In/Country of Origin: Made In China/Uk

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